Your Life as Planet Earth

Your Life as Planet Earth

A new way to understand the story of the Earth, its climate and our origins

If you want to see what climate change can do to our planet, you just have to look at Earth’s past.

"highly readable" "clear and compelling" - Hot Topic

"Geology can be a fun subject, but it’s not often that we find it written about that way.  Howard Lee has risen to the challenge by imagining that Earth was like a human with a 100-year life span." - Geoscientist

A fun read!  - Prof ERIK ASPHAUG, University of Arizona, author of Impact Craters in the Solar System  

I highly recommend this engaging book for anyone wanting to learn about the planet we live on. Using the clever metaphor of an individual passing through the various stages of life, Your Life as Planet Earth tells a remarkable tale of a planet that has experienced  extremes from icehouse to inferno, leaving no doubt that Earth faces her greatest challenge today —human-caused climate change.” - Prof MICHAEL E. MANN, Penn State University, bestselling author of The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars


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