Your Life as Planet Earth

A new way to understand the story of the Earth, its climate and our origins

Get involved

Support Science Education

National Center for Science Education (NCSE)

National Association of Geoscience Teachers

Project 2061

Hold leaders accountable

Union of Concerned Scientists USA - climate action movement

ClimateParents - action group for US parents

Moms Clean Air Force - action group for US parents

Climate Action Network Australia

Climate Action Network International

desmogblog - lists lobbyists paid to deny climate change

Reduce you own impact

Calculate your carbon footprint

Greener living - US EPA

Green choices - UK

Living Greener - Australia

Grist - Seattle-based eco-site with a sense of humor

Scouting: for many years Scouting has practiced environmental stewardship at all ranks. Scouting in:-USA, UK, Australia, International.

How much extra energy?

This widget attempts to put the extra heat accumulated in our climate into terms that are easier to visualize. Click the buttons to see different energy equivalents.

Climate Risk Management

Climatewise - risk management