Your Life as Planet Earth

A new way to understand the story of the Earth, its climate and our origins



Pre-teen (Late Hadean) Earth - impression by the author based on Nasa images

Late Hadean Earth before subduction (Heat Pipe Earth). By the author based on NASA images of Io and Earth.

Gearbox analogy for climate sensitivity (real sensitivity is more complex and the results -wheels- drive more feedbacks -gearbox).


Media links

Walter Myers artist impressions of Earth's past

John Sibbick illustrations

Microscopic life gallery (Forams, diatoms and other little critters so important in telling us the story of our planet and its climate)











The difference between weather and climate - as explained by Teddy TV

The growth and collapse of northern hemisphere ice sheets over the last 400,000 years - Earth Institute of Columbia University

Simulation of mantle plumes at 20 million years a second! by Mingming Li Arizona State University