Your Life as Planet Earth

A new way to understand the story of the Earth, its climate and our origins


Here are some jumping off points to explore topics in the book:


Evidence - how we know what we know - by Exploratorium in San Francisco, California

Understanding Evolution by University of California Museum of Paleontology - blog on human evolution

Smithsonian Human Origins site

UK Natural History Museum Human Origins site

Department of Human Origins at Max Planck Institute, Leipzig

Human Evolution MOOC

Scitable genetics and cell biology by Nature Education

Early life

Interactive presentation by Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Exploring Life's Origins by Boston's Museum of Science

Earth's time

Time charts

John de Laeter Centre Geochronology

USGS Geochronology

Australian National University Geochronlogy

Tree rings for dates - Cornell


Lite Geology quarterly for teachers

Guide to sediments by SEPM

Geological Society of London

American Geophysical Union blogs


Current climate change

US government climate site

UK Met Office climate site

Australian Bureau of Meteorology site

Climate Communication

US rising sea levels

IPCC website

NASA's climate change site

SkepticalScience debunks climate-change myths.

Realclimate blog

Climate Desk

Climate change MOOC

Climates of the past

Interactive presentation from Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Earth's Climate Past & Future - website to accompany THE textbook on climates of the past by Professor William F Ruddiman.

NOAA's Paleo Perspectives site

NAGT Paleoclimate site

University of Copenhagen's Centre for Ice and Climate - ice cores and related stuff

Movements of continents

Maps of ancient Earth - by Colorado Plateau Geosystems, inc

200 million years of continental drift - Howard Hughes Medical Institute